Bogotá: A Traveler’s Love Affair

View of Bogota from Monserrate

View of Bogota, Colombia from the top of Monserrate

From the moment when I stepped off my plane in Bogota, the capital and largest city in Colombia was one of the most riveting cities I have ever visited. It left me utterly breathless, both figuratively and literally, as it sits at an elevation of 8,675 feet above sea level.

Perhaps it was from the view from Monserrate, the iconic mountain that overlooks the city, and is a great opportunity for panoramic and cityscape photographs. Or, perhaps it was watching farmers trotting around the city, on horseback, accompanied by donkeys with sacks slung across their backs, presumably going to or from a market. Seriously, how often do you see that in a major city?

Donkies in La Candelaria

Donkies in La Candelaria

Few words could accurately describe the feelings that this vibrant city conjures up. The street food, was one of the biggest selling points for me. The delicious aroma of snacks such as Arepas and Empanadas, is strong in many districts of Bogota, such as La Candelaria. In addition to the wonderful street food, there is a slew of fantastic restaurants, such as Dulce Minimal, in Chapinero district.

Colombian rice with salad and blow fish

Delicious dinner at Dulce Minimal

Since we are talking about Chapinero district, another highlight of that part of the city is The Book Hotel, where I had the pleasure of staying. With its wide array of books, both fiction and non-fiction; delicious complimentary breakfast, and spacious, comfortable rooms, The Book Hotel is a real gem.

The Book Hotel in Bogota

The cozy confines of The Book Hotel

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