Journey Into A World Of Street Art


Never in my entire life have I seen street art as vibrant, beautiful and meaningful as I did in Bogotá!


Street art is commonplace in Colombia, and often conveys deep meaning. I decided to do a tour in Bogotá that would focus on local street art, as I was curious about what that unique experience would be like. The tour started out in the city center of Bogotá, and wound through some of the most captivating neighbourhoods in the city, such as La Candelaria. I found it to be a great way of exploring the city, taking in the nuances of everyday life in Bogotá, as well as interacting with the locals on a deep level.


Street art is often an artistic depiction of a story


Having truly no idea what to expect, other than presumably seeing a lot of artwork on the side of buildings, perhaps the open-mindedness that that created enhanced the experience even more. What I ended up experiencing was something profound, and the experience resonated me on a far deeper level than simply looking at street art would have. The graffiti tour connected me to this lively city on an intimate level. Each work of art told a unique story, and were powerful depictions of life in Bogotá and Colombia as a whole. They expressed the feelings and values of the people who inhabit this city, and this country, on a range of topics, many of them political.

Street art is certainly controversial around the world, and the tour also explored its background in Bogotá. Despite that, there was an unquestionable beauty about the artwork that I saw, and it was clear that none of it was associated with any kind of criminality, or attempt to deface the city in any way. In fact, I really felt that it enhanced the beauty and charm of the city.


Street art comes in many forms

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