About Us

We are a couple of regular people, who live regular lives, happen to love traveling and want to share our passion for it with you!

We started dating in October 2014. We immediately hit it off talking about our mutual passion for traveling and our desire to explore as much of the world as possible. Despite having full-time jobs with limited vacation time, we have enjoyed many trips together. So far, we have spent time in five Canadian provinces, 10 American states, and four countries.

In June 2016, we had the pleasure of visiting Colombia. Upon discussing our trip with friends and family, we discovered that there is a lot of misinformation about Colombia, which inspired us to create this blog.

Our priority as travellers is to travel to explore, learn and understand. What this means for us is interacting with the culture, cuisine, language, religion and the people. This blog is going to be about telling stories about the exciting activities that we do, and providing information about the places we visit. We will balance those two components, and blend them together (e.g. information on fantastic tour operators who can take you on various excursions around Colombia).

We are going to provide you with as thorough of a perspective as possible, on the places that we visit, based on our own experiences. Of course, we will talk a lot about the activities that we do, and provide narratives about what the activities were like for us. However, our content will also include the wine we drink, food we eat, places where we sleep, buses and trains we take, planes we fly in, people we meet etc.

Our overarching philosophy on traveling is sustainable tourism. What that means to us is supporting local business wherever possible. This means eating at locally owned restaurants, sleeping at locally owned hotels/hostels, visiting farms to buy coffee, hiring local guides to enhance our experience of a particular activity, etc.

Our commitment is to present our philosophy on traveling, as a couple, and the vast majority of our content will be true to that theme. Having said that, you can expect to see some individual content from each of us, mixed in. We each have our own unique set of experiences with life and traveling, as well as our own unique style, and we want to share that with you as well.

We hope that BroHawk Adventures (a fun combination of our surnames) will inspire you to find ways to develop or satiate your travel appetite, whether it is a short weekend road trip or an extended international vacation.

Kristy and Griffith posing while hiking in the woods.

About Griff

Close up of Griffith while flying a small plane.  Griff caught the travel bug in 2012, when he taught at an English camp in South Korea for a month, and then went gallivanting around Asia for two months, visiting exotic locales, such as India and Thailand.

He enjoyed traveling and teaching so much that he decided to return to Korea some months later, on a one year teaching contract. His experience teaching English in Korea allowed him to explore Asia, and when he completed his teaching contract, he took the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia, and backpacked across Europe.

Griff has a full-time office job, that affords him enough vacation time to tear away and travel on a frequent basis!

About Kristy

Close up of Kristy with water in the background. Kristy has always had a sense of adventure and a desire to travel. At age 10, she successfully convinced her parents to let her fly alone to Newfoundland to stay with a relative for the summer.  This early trip solidified her need to spend time in new places.  She left her home province of Ontario to go to university in Nova Scotia and spent her summers working in Alberta.

Her first international trip took her to South Korea to visit her sister who was teaching English in Bucheon. She has since spent time in several Caribbean countries and is continuing to check countries off her travel bucket list.